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We bring clarity,
so you can fly.

We serve leaders who are
ready to take flight

At EviMeraki, we serve organizations and business professionals through

illuminating their vision and charting a clear path forward to bring it to life.


We focus on immediate action, measurable outcomes and enhancing the talent and capabilities of our clients; to realize their vision now and evolve it into the future.

When do clients work with EviMeraki?

When they need strategy, transformation and real change, right now.


We help clients with:


Vision development: getting crystal clear on the core motivations and aspirations for a business or individual professional.

Strategic planning: translating any vision - launch a product, a business, or a new career - into an actionable plan.

Transformation implementation: turning visions and plans into achievable steps and sustained behaviours that support continued growth.

Project Execution: design, development and delivery for a wide range of needs. From L+D to CX, and everywhere in between.

Guidance + Advice: coaching to solve problems, uncover opportunities and illuminate inner knowing, for any scenario or situation.

Areas of expertise

  • Business Strategy + Development

  • Learning + Development

  • Performance Consulting

  • Executive Leadership + Presence

  • Leadership + Management

  • Career Acceleration + Navigation

  • Customer Experience

  • Financial Planning + Services

  • Research + Insights

What We Do

From tactical assistance on specific projects to extended consultative partnerships, we can operate at any level to get you where you want to go.

Access our expertise as it works best for you, your business and your budget!


Advice | Strategy | Direction

Drawing on 15+ years of corporate and leadership expertise, we can develop strategy at the highest level, and execute to the finest point of detail. We can plan, guide and build for you or alongside you.


Oh, and we're customer-obsessed, so we'll make sure that's infused every step of the way. 


Support | Guidance | Growth

EviMeraki coaching blends modalities from business and alternative health to deliver highly-personalized and impactful experiences to challenge, inspire and move you forward - personally and professionally.

Whether you need a one-time boost or ongoing guidance,

we've got you. 


Fresh | Smart | Intuitive

We love human-centred design; it's our driver in every creative endeavour.

We build it all;

Brand identities, courses and programs, websites, marketing assets, presentations, resumes and more.  

Whatever you want to create, we'll help you make your mark. 

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